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LingoStorm is all about making words...

When a LingoStorm strikes, letter droplets fall from the troubled skies above and settle in the lands below.

The goal of the game is to make words out of the fallen letters.
Tap to select letters anywhere that they fall (they don't need to be touching, in the same row or column, or even the same colour)

Selected letters will appear in the magic button at the bottom.
LingoStorm has a word list of nearly 180,000 words (UK and US English), so making one should be easy, right?...

When a word is good, the button will turn green.

Tap the button to submit the word - the letters will disappear and you'll get points for how brilliant the word is.

The colour of each letter determines how many points it scores.

Gain loads of extra points for a word by hitting different bonuses - row, column, long word and complete clearance.

Each one generates a big score multiplier!
Complete achievements to unlock exciting new game modes!

Make words - beat the flood!

Free download through the Google Play store. Compatible with most Android phones and tablets.