A super simple, fiendishly addictive word game.
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Storm Chaser

Test your STAMINA by surviving wave after wave of letter showers.

Rain Maker

Test your STRATEGY by using your anagram solving skills to clear a letter deluge.

Sun Worshipper

Test your SPEED by freeing trapped sun sprites while letters rain relentlessly from above.

Basics - Making Words

Once letter droplets from a storm have finished falling, they can be used to create words. Simply tap a letter to add it to the word that you wish to make. Letters don't have to be touching, in the same row or column or the same colour - you have complete flexibility to create any word that you can think of out of any of the letters that have fallen in the play area.

When a letter is tapped it will appear in the button at the bottom of the screen. This button is usually a dark purple colour but will turn green when a recognised word has been tapped out. LingoStorm has a dictionary of over 180,000 recognised words - so in theory the word could be almost anything in the English language.

Words must be of a minimum length which is shown on the right of the button - this is usually 3, but can increase as you progress in some game modes.

Tap the button when it is green and the selected letters droplets will disappear from the play area and you will receive points for the word. The longer the word is the better. Simple!

Basics - Word Score

Each letter in a word scores a fixed number of points depending on its colour:
  • BLUE (vowels) score 5 points.
  • WHITE (common consonants) score 10 points.
  • RED (rarer consonants) score 15 points.
Once you hit the green button for a recognised word, you get a word score based on the sum of the number of points for each letter, plus you can get a multiplier for any word bonuses you hit...

Basics - Bonuses

There are 4 types of word bonus:
  • LONG: Any word of 6 or more letters will score a long word bonus. Starting with a mutiplier of 3, but increases by one for each additional letter.
  • ROW: Removing all the letters in a horizontal row in the play area (must be at least 3 letters) scores a row bonus. Earns a muliplier of 5.
  • COLUMN: Removing all the letters in a vertical column (again must be at least 3 letters) scores a column bonus. Earns a multiplier of 5.
  • CLEAR: Take out every single settled letter in the play area scores a clear bonus. Earns a multiplier of 10.
Play it right, and a single word can score several bonuses in one go - with the multipliers all being added together. The result being a huge word score and the envy of your peers.

Game Mode - Storm Chaser

Survive wave after wave of letter storms. Clear the fallen letters as quickly as you can.
Hit point milestones - 1500 points gets you to level 2 and so on... Each level increases the rate and severity of the storms.
If the letters fill to the top, it's game over.
Clear level 9!

Game Mode - Rain Maker

Clear a flood of fallen letters - with no stragglers. Take your time - you control when (and if) the next shower falls.
Once the last letter has been removed, the level advances. Each level is tougher than the last.
Can't finish a level? Then hit the retry button. But you can only do it three times!
Clear level 19!

Game Mode - Sun Worshipper

Free the sun sprites! Clear all the letters directly above each sprite to release them. Things are made harder by the letters continually raining down from above.
Once all the sprites are free, a new level begins.
Don't let the letters fill to the brim.
Clear level 9!